Why financial education?

The sooner you learn the basics of financial management, the less costly mistakes you will make. What students often lack for greater enthusiasm is practical and useful knowledge in their education. During most lectures, students often think: "What's the use of this to me?" We will answer this question right from the beginning and show many practical examples (if the students don't know already).

We provide education that can bring financial topics closer to students aged 10-19 through games and real-life examples. This way, we ensure that the younger generation learns from an early age not to spend all their money, and they carry this habit into their adult lives.


Our foundation consists of 6 facilitators who have long been involved in education and training. All of them have practical experience in the financial market, whether from financial advising, banks, or insurance companies. They can leverage their experience when providing real-life examples and answering the curious questions of the students.

What will students learn?

We aim to teach the basics of financial management. Most important for us is to prevent young people from making the worst financial mistakes - taking loans early in their live, or investing money in pyramid schemes, scams, and risky assets that promise high returns. We also share the basic knowledge on insurance, mortgages and saving and investing.

What is the price?

You can calculate the approximate cost of the training using the form below - this price corresponds to our standard training - 2 hours with each class from the 1st to the 6th schoolhour. If you want to customize the training, there can be an additional charge for adapting the workshops or more time trainers spend in one class. If you have any questions or want to place an order, please contact us through the non-binding request form below.

Price calculator and non-binding demand

Price is calculated for standard workshops, where 1 trainer manages 3 classes a day (all classes have a workshop for 2x45 mins). The price is the same for 1 or 3 classes, therefore we recommend to invite us for a number of classes divisible by 3. If you are interested in a different format, leave us a description in non-binding demand lower.