Are you an international company with English-speaking employees and would like to organize a training on financial management? Look no further! We have wide experience of working in international groups. After every workshop, we give your employees individual consultations for free, if they have some specific questions they need help with.

What are the workshops about?

We offer financial literacy courses for both big corporations and small companies. We tailor the course content to your requirements, whether your employees are interested in specialized knowledge or want to discover the proper way to manage their finances. Do you offer various benefits to your employees, but few take advantage of them? We can explain the advantages of those benefits to them. We can come to your company for the training. The optimal group size is 10 to 20 people, but we can host multiple workshops per day so more people can attend, depending on how long workshops you envision. After every workshop, we usually leave 1 hours space for participants to come up to the trainer with more private questions they might not feel comfortable asking in the plenary during workshop.

Who conducts our financial courses?

Our core team consists of 6 trainers who have been involved in education and training for a long time. They all have practical experience in the financial market, whether from financial advisory, banks, insurance companies, or investment firms. They can leverage their experience by providing practical examples and answering participants' curious questions during the training. 

What will your employees learn?

Our model training consists of information on mortgages, savings, investments, and insurance. Usually, we also include an option of individual consultations at the end of the workshop, where participants can come individually to discuss their personal questions - this can also add value to your employees, as usually, we offer these consultations as a paid service. We are happy to adjust the training topics and scope to best meet your requirements. For an approximate price calculation, use the calculator below - the price is for a 1-day training at your location, and 15 participants. For any questions or to place an order for a course, please contact us through the non-binding inquiry form below.

Price calculator and non-binding demand

The price is calculated for a standard 1-day workshop. If you have specific demands, leave us a message in the form below.