Why is it important?

We believe that financial management knowledge is essential for everyone. Everyone should be familiar with the principles that create and preserve money. We can convey practical experience in an engaging way, which helps avoid many unpleasant situations and, conversely, enjoy life to the fullest. 


Our foundation consists of 6 instructors who have been engaged in education and training for a long time. They all have practical experience in the financial market, whether from banks, insurance companies, or investment firms. They can apply their experience when providing real-life examples and answering the curious questions of the participants.

What will you learn?

We offer two training options. The first is the basic course - the envelope method, the importance of savings, loans, debt collection, and debt relief (personal bankruptcy). The second option is the advanced course suitable for groups that want to delve into the secrets of loans and mortgages, savings, investments, or insurance. Apart from that, we can also make an on-demand training tailored to your needs.

How to order and what is the price?

You can perform a basic price calculation using the calculator below - it assumes 1-day training session, conducted at your premises with 15 participants.  We are happy to tailor the training to best meet your requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us through the non-binding order form below.

Price calculator and non-binding demand

The price is calculated for a standard 1-day workshop. If you have specific demands, leave us a message in the form below.