Financial education for employees

"Our company has been providing education for over 10 years to businesses that want to offer better financial education as a benefit to their employees. The outcome can also be positive for employers if their employees can manage finances better, are calmer, can concentrate better at work, and are more motivated to work to achieve their financial goals.

Why do companies specifically order financial literacy training?

The main motivation is clearly that employees often don't fully utilize the benefits offered by the employer. For example, contributions to pension savings or life insurance can be very advantageous, but choosing a specific pension fund can be so demanding that employees don't even set it up, thus not utilizing the benefit. Many companies also have stock programs that employees don't fully utilize because they lack knowledge.

What do our workshops look like?

During the training, we use practical examples that illustrate the issues better than dry theory. We also have practical exercises prepared, where, for instance, employees themselves try to arrange insurance, and then the instructor shows them various situations statistically likely to occur and how the insurance would help them in those situations. Often, people realize that their existing insurance might not be sufficient in some situations. We have similar exercises prepared for all other chapters: loans and mortgages, savings, investing, budgeting.

At the end of the training, as part of the package, we offer the opportunity to ask individual questions that participants might feel shy to ask during the training. The instructor stays an hour longer, and participants can visit and ask questions one-on-one.

Who are the trainers?

All our instructors have over 10 years of practical experience in finance, allowing them to present interesting situations they've encountered and answer participants' questions during the training. Even though the instructors are actively involved in finance to keep their knowledge up-to-date, our training contracts ensure that there's no promotion of any products or companies during the training sessions. We prioritize independence, ensuring there's never any product selling for commission, as seen in some other financial training companies.

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