Financial education for employees

Our company has been providing education for over 10 years to businesses that wish to offer better financial education as a benefit to their employees.

The outcome can also be positive for the employer, as their employees, by managing finances better, become calmer, can focus better at work, and are more motivated to work towards achieving their financial goals.

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Investing in stock index (ETF)

A lot of experts and economists recommend to regular customers, who want to invest in stocks, to use indexes. Rarely, they also tell you how to buy them.

We will show you 2 options how you can buy an index (rather an ETF), so you can start investing ASAP.

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Inflation that is more impactful than the one shown on TV

We often hear about inflation, but usually, families are able to cope with rising prices for goods and services as their income raises as well (sometimes faster, sometimes slower).

What is drastic for a family budget is when income raises and the family chooses to buy better (more expensive) products to "reward" themselves - the "lifestyle inflation".

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Investing in stocks - what are the options?

Have you decided to invest in stocks, but you are wondering what are the options?

In this article, we quickly review what options you have and what are their pros and cons.

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Financial Education for companies - basic course

Financial problems also affect those who are employed. The situation is particularly critical in manufacturing companies.

A course on money management for employees can also help you. How does it work?

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