What services are we offering?

We offer financial literacy workshops for schools, for companies and their employees, as well as for other groups under the option 'for the public.' We also offer individual consultations, mainly for expats and other English-speakers living in the Czech republic. We offer both options to international clients as well, but we cannot offer analysis of specific products like in Czech market. In our workshops and consultations, we put big emphasis on being impartial. As we are paid by the client, we can offer independent advice, unlike financial advisors, who are mostly paid by commission and, therefore might offer the solution most beneficial for the advisor.

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Financial workshops for schools

Financial education for ompanies and their employees

Financial education for the public

Individual consultations

What do you learn?

Our financial literacy courses are focused on acquiring basic knowledge of the world of finance, but in a very practical way, without the boring theory. We tailor the courses to the audience. For children, we incorporate more pictures and games to make the subject more accessible, while for adults, we use practical examples that many have experienced or will face in the future. The training can be generally focused on financial literacy principles or on specific topics, depending on your preferences. For our consultations, you choose what you want to receive - it can be a calculation of costs and returns of investment property, analysing of portfolio or doing a research of specific offers for different products - investments, insurance, mortgages and many others.

Our team

Our foundation consists of 6 financial experts who have been involved in education and training for a long time. All of them have practical experience in the financial market, whether in banks, insurance companies, or investment firms. They can apply their experience when providing real-life examples and answering the curious questions of the participants.

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