Why choose our consultations?

Are you an English speaker living in the Czech Republic*, struggling to find a finance professional with a decent level of English? Look no further. Most individuals who provide financial advice are financial advisors paid on commission for selling products or employees of institutions with specific sales targets set by their employers. Therefore, it is not always clear whether they are acting in the best interests of the client. We offer paid consultations, both online or in person, that will independently assess your situation, and prepare a calculation or analysis for you.

*we can also offer services internationally, but we cannot offer a detailed analysis of nation-specific financial products.

What do we offer?

Actually, whatever you tell us. The most common cases include auditing your existing portfolio, calculating the profitability of buying an investment property, comparing offers for life insurance, mortgages, or investments, or general financial advice with starting a product. We can also start for you commission-free products, such as those described in our article on index funds (ETFs).

What is the procedure and cost?

We only invoice our time at a rate of 1,000 CZK per hour. Contact us at the email ondrej.podlesak@cefig.cz, where you can roughly describe the consultation you are interested in. We will provide you with an approximate price so you have an idea of whether the task will take one hour or five."


Q: Can we meet personally?

A: yes, we can meet also personally, we are based in Kolin, but we can travel elsewhere, please reach us at ondrej.podlesak@cefig.cz for an estimate on the travel calculation

Q: Will I have a native English speaker?

A: No, all of our members are Czech natives with background in finance in Czech republic. Most of us have C1 level of English.

Q: can you translate documents for me?

A: We can review the contract in Czech, but we won’t be doing a translation for you.

Q: Can you accompany me to a meeting to provide translation and help me negotiate, or communicate directly with a Czech person?

A: Yes, that can also be part of our services.

Q: Can you help me with my taxes?

A: Only to the limit of financial products.

Disclaimer: we are not lawyers, translators, or tax experts - we can help you out with basic things, especially those connected to financial products, but we cannot file your taxes, proofread any contract from a lawyer's perspective, or translate documents for you.