Our leaders

Josef Janoušek

Josef Janoušek

Passionate about investments, good wine and relaxing. About finance, he likes to claim: "Worst loss is opportunity cost, because you cannot see them."

Ondřej Podlešák

Ondřej Podlešák

Creator of our courses and a team player. His favorite quote is "It doesn't matter how much money you make, it's important how much you save and invest."

Michal Doubek

Michal Doubek

Michal represents our members in Moravia. His favorite quote is "Investment in education brings the highest return," and he loves to educate himself and others.

Financial literacy

According to a survey from the ministry of finance, more than 50% of inhabitants have poor financial knowledge. Graphs show, how many percent:

Have a family budget 40%

Have emergency fund 25%

Can compare loans 19%

Canceled a wrongly set-up product 5%

Hopes for government pension 85%

We bring interactive experience, which aims to teach people multiple financial skills. We use educational games, interactive materials and practical real-life examples. Through workshops and consultations, we want to transfer key principles of financial knowledge.

About Center of financial literacy

Our mission

Financial management is important, but also very boring and difficult. We want to make finance more fun by using interactive methods such as non-formal education

By showing practical examples from our past experience, we can help people understand the topic much more clearly. Let's learn in attractive way with us!

What drives us

People without proper financial background are an easy target for sellers of financial products, who can push them into bad choices.

People can enjoy better lifes without any extra work, just by managing their finances better
Ondřej Podlešák

What do we do

Our oganization provides everything that might help people manage their finances better - from early age to retirement. Click on links below to follow specific cathegories