CEFIG gladly invites you for a 7-day training course Leadership through project method! under Erasmus+ Key Action 1. 

Application deadline is 14th July, please download application form here and send it to ondrej.podlesak@cefig.cz

This project will get your leadership skills to the next level, raise your confidence in taking leadership role and provide you with experience you can use everywhere – in your work, in your school, in your NGO or in your everyday life. We invite you to come to hear the experience of others and share yours!

Details about the project: (for more information check info-pack).

Fotka z minulého kurzu

Date: 7th – 13th September 2017 (6th and14th are travel days)

Place: Hotel Theresia, Kolin, Czech republic

Activity type: KA1, Training Course

Participating countries: Czech republic, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Macedonia, Lithuania.

Number of participants per country / in total: 3 / 24

Trainers: Viktoriia Oleksiienko, Ondrej Podlesak

Identification number: 2017-2-CZ01-KA105-035676

The objectives of the training course are:

1) To introduce the project method way of training to youth leaders and youth workers, while developing their leadership skills.

2) To increase professional and generic competencies while focusing on working with people with fewer opportunities and hard-to reach young people.

3) To increase leadership and transferable skills of youth workers with fewer opportunities and their motivation.

4) To provide youth leaders and youth workers with the opportunity to share good practice and adopt new findings.

5) To develop follow-up projects, promoting European mobility schemes, for maintaining and strengthening long term international cooperation and exchange.

6) To give youthworkers skills to host a workshop, where they can present knowledge gained on this training course and by doing so, generating a multiplicating effect.

Contact person: Ondrej Podlesak, ondrej.podlesak@cefig.cz, +420 734 642 966