CEFIG gladly invites you for a 7-day training course Social Entrepreneurship as a Tool for a Change. This workshop will increase your knowledge in starting and running a social enterprise. No matter what your topic of interest may be, you can meet new people who share the same goals. Work with us on making the world a better place, make new contacts, gain important skills. We invite you to come to hear the experience of others and share yours!

Details about the project:

Main objectives of the training course are:

  • to increase the level of knowledge in social entrepreneurship and develop skills such as time management, decision making, creativity and innovation, communication, teamwork and presentation skills. Understand how these skills can be used in order to tackle youth unemployment, transfer those skills to other young people and enhance coaching skills;
  • to discover all possibilities and opportunities of European mobility schemes and programmes and seeking to increase the competitiveness of young people in the labor market through non-formal and informal learning;
  • to foster youth networking and the interchange of experiences in order to develop language skills and intercultural exchange and understanding.

Outcomes of the project:

Participant's report:

Czech republic: Ivo Vesely, founder of social enterprise FIGRAM:

"It was amazing time and also opportunity to meet new people from different countries. We had three amazing trainers, who gave us lots of practical skills. I very appreciate that I learned something new about cultures from another country. CEFIG did amazing work and prepared for us great place for work. It helped me with English, gave me new ideas for my enterprise and I made lots of friends from Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Poland or Bulgaria.

Turkey: Nur Fenercioglu

The social entrepreneurship as a tool for a Change project held in Kolin was a very successful project for me to learn and practice the subject. Also during the training cultural exchange help me to understand how other cultures are and I believe that we created good friendships in this project. The activities and lectures stimulated me to be a part of social entrepreneurship. In this sense CEFIG was a very good host.